What's this, you ask? Wall-to-Wall Studios, the branding design agency actually has an online store? What could they possibly have to offer that people with valid credit cards would actually want to buy? Who clicks on a Home button, anyhow? Why haven't I seen this page before? Is this really a part of their site or is it some third party scam? Do they even promote it? Have they actually run out of paying clients so they have to resort to generating income in some other way? How could this possibly be profitable? Don't they send some of these so-called "products" to their loyal clients for free anyway? So couldn't I just hire Wall-to-Wall Studios for an integrated branding or website design project and wind up getting some of this stuff without having to pay for it via this site? When they say free shipping, what's the catch? Do they ship stuff from both Pittsburgh and Honolulu offices? Who does the actual packing and fulfillment of the items? Is it Brian Kaiser? Why is everything so damn inexpensive? Will prices go up in the future? Can't I just resell this stuff with my own healthy markup on eBay or Craigslist? How would you even catch me? Do they have a customer service line I can call? Who came up with the name Occasional Shop? And why? How do I report typos that I find? Did anyone even of you profreed this? How come there are no images here? Why so many words? Don't you marketing types know that no one will read this much "copy," as you say? Have you considered ever hiring an editor, perhaps? I said, where are the pictures? I thought you were visual people? Have I told you lately that I love you? Why are there so many question marks?

There's only two ways to find out? And thanks?